Miniature Pinscher Feeding

Be careful to not overfeed your Miniature Pinscher. An adult Miniature Pinscher typically eats two smaller meals per day. If the dog is fed more than it requires per day, it is going to get fat. If this happens, it is likely that the dog will get sick. An overweight small dog often develops significant joint problems, and it can have an increased risk for breathing problems and diabetes as a result.

Feed your Miniature Pinscher quality, high-grade dog food. The first ingredient should be meat, and the amount of protein should be no less than 30 percent. The amount of fat should be no less than 20 percent. There is not a need for a high amount of fiber content for dogs – about 5 percent or less is enough.

As an owner, you should be aware that if your min pin is overweight, there is an increased risk that it may develop joint problems, as well as other medical issues. Often medical problems with dogs can be avoided by using good nutritional management by the dog’s owner.

As a common estimate of the amount of food your Min Pin should have daily – about one half ounce of food for each one pound of weight. You probably know that there is some debate as to whether or not a dog should be eating the same food as people do. In most cases, do not feed your dog people food, because the food we eat usually has more sugar and salt that what the dog needs. If a small dog eats such foods, it can gain weight rapidly, and over time, there is a high chance that sugars and sodium/salt can build up and become toxic.

Exercise or walk your dog daily, in order to keep it healthy. This breed requires a lot of exercise and should have an area to play and run around in every day. The more exercise you give your dog, the healthier it will be. Make sure the play area is securely fenced, because min-pins like to escape.

Miniature Pinschers are known to develop certain health conditions such as demodectic mange (a skin disease caused by a microscopic parasitic mite), epilepsy and seizures, patellar luxation (dislocation of the kneecap) and hip joint arthritis.

We recommend you use metal bowls for both water and dog food. Such bowls last a long time, and you can safely know there is no risk for contamination from synthesized chemicals from plastics, etc.

How to care for your miniature pinscher

  • overfeeding and feeding inappropriate foods can cause pain and a number of medical problems that will shorten the life span of the Min Pin.
  • use quality dog food, and not “people food”
  • feed the dog about one half ounce of food for each one pound of weight, per day

Serving the food

Feed your dog in a quiet place away from noise and people traffic. It is a good idea to have a feeding mat under the dog, for easy clean up. Your metal bowl should always be clean. Check it daily and scrub away any dirt you may find in there. If you have multiple dogs, make sure you always feed them separately, to avoid dog fights.

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