Can a 5 Lb Min Pin Make It Through Pregnancy?

Can a 5 lb min pin make it through pregnancy?
she is not underweight she is fine in health. she is a min pin.

Your question is very vague. If she is bred with a male smaller or somewhat the same poundage as she is, probably. If the male is larger, you are looking at a C-section at best.. If the male is much larger than she is, I would be looking to abort the litter.

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  • Aye. Right!

    NO Miniature Pinscer should weigh as little as 5lbs. Are you sure it’s a min pin you have?

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  • steve b

    You were told about this by Vet Tech in no uncertain terms a few minutes ago;_ylt=ApxckISYrDbUyNpVWv0Y7QMgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080908063924AAf4I2e

    In case you forgot already
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  • walc531

    You need to take her to the vet. They will let you know if she physically can carry puppies without it hurting her.

    You may have to see how many puppies she has/ will have, set up appointments for ultra sounds and maybe c-section if she is pregnant and far along.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Sami R

    probably not try to give it healthy treats and a little extra food each day
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  • Vicki J

    Your question is very vague. If she is bred with a male smaller or somewhat the same poundage as she is, probably. If the male is larger, you are looking at a C-section at best.. If the male is much larger than she is, I would be looking to abort the litter.
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  • Rachel-Pit Police-DSMG

    Again, the sire was 7 lbs larger than her….that is a HUGE danger. She needs a spay/abort immediately, or you risk losing her in whelp.
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  • ~? Shih Tzu lover ?~

    You’ve asked this already. You said it mated with a 12lb Yorkshire Terrier which means you may need to book a C-Section as the pups could get stuck and she would die. If you didn’t want your female to get pregnant you should have spayed her earlier or spayed her as soon as you found out she’d tied with a male. As she is not even 2 years of age yet there is a possibility that she will reject her puppies and you may have to hand feed them every 2-3 hours (including night times). You should take your female to the vet to make sure everything is OK and i’d recommend an ultra-sound to find out how many puppies she is carrying – you may also be able to get an emergency spay and abort (a lot cheaper than a c-section and raising puppies!). There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a dog pregnancy and for someone that doesn’t even know how long females are pregnant for you aren’t going to do to well if you fail to take your female to the vet.
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  • Ista

    If the male is smaller than she is, and throws small pups, sure, she’ll probably make it.

    If he is larger than she is, she’s in serious trouble. The pups may be too big for her to whelp. This means c-section or death.
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  • OhIDoDoI

    J e s u s… the male is more than twice the size as she is! There’s no way she can carry the pups to term, they’re going to grow way too big, too fast. She’s going to be lucky to be able to deliver and survive herself.

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  • triphazard99

    First question – is she below average height as well as below average weight, or is she very underweight to start with? An extremely underweight b*tch will not have an easy pregnancy/whelping. Secondly – where there is a large size discrepancy between male and female parents, there is always the risk of problems. A 7lb weight difference is nothing when both dogs are over 20lbs.,, but when the male is more than double the female’s weight, the chances are much higher that she will need a c-section – particularly if the number of puppies is small (the fewer pups, the larger they tend to be).

    I would really advise taking her to the vet at the earliest possible opportunity – she can be given an ultrasound to determine whether she is actually pregnant or not, and this will also give a rough idea of how many pups there are. Your vet will talk you through all you need to know, and your possible options – if it is very early in the pregnancy, you might well be advised to have her spayed immediately – removing this pregnancy and the chance of any more unwanted matings. However, if you are planning to breed from her in the future, that is not an option. Your vet can also make you aware of warning signs, correct diet, whelping area etc etc. Do not attempt to see this pregnancy through without professional advice and care – whelping can go wrong in the best planned pregnancy, and even more so in a case such as this.

    If your min pin is fit and healthy, then she has a much better chance of doing well, and the pups thriving. If she is already weak and underweight, then you need to think of her long term health when deciding whether to allow this pregnancy to continue or not.
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  • tina_dopey

    You need to take her to the vet….You should be up to date with knowing how to take care of dogs before you get one. You should know that if you do not want to breed your dog have it spayed/neutered…Know your dog may face death as the pregnancy progresses. Which is more important to you?
    I have a min pin…she is 1 yr.. I am very carefull when she is in heat…Please make the right decision for your dog.
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