How Much Should a Min Pin Weigh?

my min pin weighs 13 pounds. i think she may be pregnant, but im not sure yet. I just got her 3 weeks ago and she just keeps getting heavier. Her nipples are saggin alittle bit. but is that from her being 2 years old? the previous owner said "she dont know, its possible". So is my dog obese or what?

Dont take her to the vet, she is pregnant……….She will have the puppies, you dont need a vet to tell you that.

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  • iluvmyfrenchbulldogs

    I would take her to the vet, and have them check and see if she is pregnant before I worried about her weight.
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  • Really Sad

    nipples won’t sag unless they have been or are filling with milk (hopefully). I’d take her to a vet in the event she is having some problems if you are really worried. If she is pg the gestaion is around 63 days , not long at all. If you are not experianced with a dog giving birth, espically a small dog I’d get someone who has been through it to talk with. Small breed dogs can have a variety of birthing problems and can easliy die if unattended. I’d be espically concerned that if pg, no one knows the size / history of the father dog!

    A fit dog has shiney eyes and coat.You can barely feel and yet not see the ribs when you pet her.

    Sometimes a good education costs money. so if I were you, asking this question I’d take her to a vet and get an eduction asap
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  • pimpoftheatx

    Dont take her to the vet, she is pregnant……….She will have the puppies, you dont need a vet to tell you that.
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  • Bear Mountain

    8 – 14 pounds
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  • bluealiens4erin

    13 pounds for a Min Pin is definitly obese. I breed Min Pins and I would say that if her nipples are sagging like you say, she is either going through a false pregnancy or she is pregnant. A vet check is a must at this point.

    A good weight for a Min Pin should be 10 pounds or less. The AKC standard for the Miniature Pinscher in no taller than 12 1/2 inches, a Miniature Pinscher that tall would weigh no more than 10-11 pounds. Anything over that would be overweight, anything taller than that would be over standard and shouldn’t be bred for any reason. If you aren’t breeding to improve the breed within the AKC standards, you shouldn’t be breeding at all.

    Call your vet soon to make sure your Min Pin is of a healthy age to carry puppies. Try to figure out possible males that may have mated with youre female, if she mated to a male that is much larger than her you can cause major problems with pregnancy.
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