Where to Find Mini Pincher Puppies

Miniature pincher puppies look so adorable in the pet store window, but where is the best place to find puppies? There are several different places you can look for miniature pincher puppies and each has its pros and cons. Here are a few of the most common places you can look for your new canine companion.

Personal References

Perhaps the best way to find a new puppy is through personal references. Talk to friends, family members and others in your area that own miniature pinchers. This method may allow you to see firsthand the potential specimens you will have to choose from. You can also find out which breeders in the area are reputable and produce the healthiest pups.

Local Paper

Your local newspaper can be a good source of information when it comes to locating a miniature pincher. When using this forum you will want to take the time to research the breeder you are purchasing from. Many of these sellers may be your average mini pin owner who happen to breed their dog once or twice and offer the pups for sale locally. Ask for a guarantee on health, substantiated by a vet check after the purchase.


The world wide web is full of advertisements for miniature pincher and other pure bred puppies. You can find available pups as close as across town or half a world away. This is one way to gain access to exotic blood lines and potential show material dogs; however, you are at a disadvantage since you cannot inspect the property and living conditions of your pups and their parents.


A really great source of information when it comes to purchasing miniature pinchers is your veterinarian. Often times they will provide advertising for local breeders in the form of a bulletin board or other place to hang flyers. If you choose this as a source of information for your new puppy be sure to talk with your veterinarian about the poster.


Training organizations such as a local obedience school many times will have contacts in the breeding world. Other patrons may be breeding and selling miniature pincher puppies or they may have been contacted by breeders hoping to get the word out to a better class of owner.


There are many places you can look for miniature pincher puppies including having them shipped from famous kennels around the world. Remember, regardless of where you obtain your pups you should have them vet checked immediately and receive health guarantees in writing. Disreputable breeders often keep their dogs in horrendous conditions and even allow inbreeding to occur simply to cash in on the pups. These are the types of dogs you want to avoid.

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